Thursday, March 13


just a few things...firstly, my painting of Edan got into the school show. so that's is a picture of it as it is right now...i have 2 small adjustments to make on it before i will officially call it "DONE" but it's pretty much there! look at how lovely he is...standing there all brooding and grumpy... ;)

The Ashlee painting thus far...still *lots* of work to do...(bad color & subtlety in photo, &c...)

aand here's a pastel i cranked out in about 2 hours tonight. and i'm sorry, but the color isn't NEARLY as rich and vibrant in this picture as it is in real life...aag. moving on...
we have another day on it still...but i think i don't want to do much more...except for the head. (the photo is cropped in...)

okay. c'est tout. i'm thoroughly tired but i need to drive home (OC) and work on a paper tonight for class tomorrow.

man, the Beatles are so freaking AMAZING



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