Sunday, March 23

Happy Easter

i have claimed Easter Sunday as my favorite holiday for quite a few years now. It still is. Even though today finds my parents in San Diego and my sister and Alec still out at church while i'm home on the couch with a very sore chest from excessive coughing...

i can still say to myself, "Well, at least i don't have be afraid of death"

i think that's pretty cool.

there are so many things about being a Christian that still mystify me. there seem to be more and more every year i am alive. i hope i never stop feeling that wonderment...especially when i am lonely and scared...i need to know that there is always something more to hope for. That's what Easter is about for me...a limitless hope. a perfect hope. heck, go ahead and use any positive adjective you want. it's beyond my understanding. it's so far above me that i don't even know what the heck i'm talking about anymore.

part of that could also be my sinus headache.

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