Monday, March 17

(creepy singsong) it's such a pretty

once again, i will direct you to a post on Ariel's blog that i particularly liked. or you can click here. or here. or even HERE

you should really read it.

i am on spring break. i just realized i've been so busy i haven't really thought about it.
yesterday Anna chopped my hair off again so it will grow back in all's the shortest it's ever been and it feels amazing. i trimmed the sides this afternoon so it has almost a faux-hawk-y look. :D don't's fairly subtle.
i slept in a few hours and then went running this morning...which was horrible and really great.
Sarah and i had lunch sitting in the warm light feeling the cool breeze in our amazing blooming spring backyard. i sunned my shoulders and she knitted a sweater in a straw hat. we looked at the budding vegetable garden. Dad swatted at hornets.

Sarah has been into making bread and she just handed me some of the best sourdough i've ever had...right from our oven. she's amazing...

there are a lot of things going on that i don't want to deal with and i have a terrible lot of school work over the next 6 days...but right now i just want to look at the Azaleas.


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LMS said...

I have hair envy. It's true.