Monday, November 19

i want a blowtorch for christmas

Friday night was the most fun i've had at work. For those who don't know, i do set up and clean up (i.e. i'm a dishwasher) for the Laguna Culinary Arts school. The perks of the job are that i get i get free amazing food, for every 4 times i work i get to take a free professional cooking course, and it's literally across the parking lot from my studio. So all-around it's great.
On Friday i got to watch a class on cooking Thanksgiving dinner. Not too exciting, i know. But add to that the fact that it was 4 couples taking the class, they were all very loud (might i say...boisterous?) and by an hour into the evening they were drunk off their heads. Oh, and they were carrying around knives and stirring boiling things on the stove. Laura (the girl i was working with) and i were in a constant state of bemusement and panic as we laughed at the chaos while trying to keep up with the washing and steer clear of the knives (which of course they carried pointed straight out in from of them...whoops! watch your back there!)

For dessert they made pumpkin Creme Brulee. Marlene (the chef) demonstrated how to caramelize the top using a blowtorch...

The best part of the night is when everyone dishes up their creations and moves out into the dining room to enjoy the fruits of their labor. That is when us workers get to break and eat and goof around. I had had very little to eat that turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, gravy, green bean salad and cranberry sauce was like heaven.

There were also two dishes of the Creme Brulee sitting on the counter but no one had caramelized the tops. "I guess we're going to learn how to make Creme Brulee," said Laura. She didn't want to go first so i picked up the blowtorch and pushed the button. Blue flame shot from the nozzle and after about 5 seconds the top of the custard began to sizzle and burn brown. it was very exciting.
After a few minutes Laura and i took spoons and cracked the tops and tasted them. I swore then and there that i was going to start making creme brulee...mostly because it gives me a really good excuse to get my own blowtorch at Home Depot.


Saturday evening i drove home, grabbed Sarah and our friend Amber and headed out to LA to visit Laura (longtime friend) who had just moved into her new apartment. For my birthday a few weeks ago she had bought a pinata and we never got to use she threw together a Colleen/Sarah birthday party and when we walked in, there it was, shining in all it's glory.
Also there were my mom, Jan, Wren, Ginger, Anna and Keitha (Thad's mom). They had made a wonderful dinner (Sarah made spaghetti) and for dessert we had cake. And was time for the anticipated event we had been waiting for all evening (okay so that was a little redundant)...

i was first...

then it was Sarah's turn

then lovely Anna


My mom finally smashed the thing to pieces...i have an awesome video of that.

look at us in our fierceness...



Sunday was a beautiful day (still not quite cold enough), and Sarah, Alec and i drove to church together. On the way we listened to a Christmas song he is working on. It sounds's going to be amazing...but he wants me to write the words! i had a go at it last night and got something started that's pretty interesting...but i just hope Alec likes it. i don't know. we'll see what happens.
It was a great meeting at church. Bob spoke and gave a message that was important to me in many ways. As usual, Ioni was the picture of perfect cuteness...

i didn't stick around long because Edan was super sick. i drove straight to Laguna and spent the afternoon there. i brought him tissues, fruit and gatorade, i dyed his hair back to dark, and we watched Eddie Izzard.


I got to school this morning around 10 and have been madly working to try and finish a painting i'm doing for Joey. Distractions haven't been too 11 an artist named Marc Trujillo gave a lecture, after which Sarah (from school), Krystyl and i were pining for lunch. We drove to a vegan restaurant called "The Stand". It's actually really good. And i like meat a LOT so that's saying something.

Krystyl and Sarah

camera war

poor Krystyl...

...stuck in the middle

I was so excited...i ordered a half avocado sandwich, Have'a Chips and Hummus. Krystyl went wild and got Chips, Hummus and a plate of waffles.

happy about the waffles

Now i need to get back to work. i'm almost done Joey, really! All i have left is Caid's hand holding that dang rhino.

Finishing a painting is so hard for me to do...i'm just never satisfied with it.
Plus i'm super tired. in many ways body, head, heart...
i'm glad i have the week off after tomorrow because i'm already burnt out.

but it's okay.

i'm not worried...a lot...

i just hope i hold my head up and not focus on how confused i am. isn't everyone...?

Man i can't wait to eat some pie on Thursday...


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