Friday, November 23

nothing like apple pie for breakfast

it's beautiful outside...maybe i'll go hiking. i left my phone charger in orange two days ago so i have no cell phone. it's weird. i'm sorry if anyone has tried to call me...
Thanksgiving was good this, my mom, Sarah, Alec, mom's friend Beth and her husband Dave, their friend Yeung and an old family friend named Wendell all sat around the table for dinner. Then another friend of my mom's named Carole and her young tenant Krista came over and we all sang. The Lord blessed it.
It was also Sarah's 23rd birthday yesterday, and Alec and i (mostly Alec) threw together an impromptu birthday song for her. Pip did a little something, too. It's pretty fantastic.

i hope you all had a lovely day yesterday.

i'm lying on the couch right now and Maela is trying to get me to scratch her head. i have a lot to do today...just kind of trying to rev myself up i suppose...

every day for the last couple of days i've had to really pound it into my head that there's life after today. it isn't always necessarily positive or just feels that way for whatever reason.
it's strange not to be able to identify your own emotions...kind of feeling hypersensitive and numb all at the same time. it makes it kind of hard to look at people. it's also hard to be productive. i should do something about that.

i'll post some pictures later perhaps


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