Saturday, August 19

We hope to see you again in the near the No Future

Last night, after a day at my school finalizing registration and cleaning my apartment, i drove back to Pasadena to the No Future Cafe (a small music venue) just in time to miss Pip and Jeff (of The Dandelion Council) play. ):
But there were two guys after them called El Ten Eleven who were pretty sweet. Actually, i liked them quite QUITE a lot. I bought a cd, and Sarah bought a shirt, of course. Most defenitely a new favorite. You can see videos of the bands from last night on the website...the sound is pretty iffy though.
(by the way...if you click on the thumbnails, it will take you to a larger picture. just so ya know...)






afterwards there was goofyness.


Sarah and Pip...can anyone say cutest picture EVER??


Sarah and Alec...looking "peaceful"



Jeff "I so wasn't making that face!" Adams



And then, Boba...naturally! We tried to go to the Karaoke bar (pip wanted me to sing a Doobie Brothers song with him) but we had to purchase more drinks, or what have you, to stay. Being the penniless artists we are, we left. But there was this man there singing a pop ballad in Chinese...blew us away.
Instead we hung out in the parking lot and sang Father Abraham, talked about funny noises, and told stories and listened to music in the car.

Yay. (:

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sarah Police said...

When God decided to create sarah He said...
"ahh...let's make this one an elf."
my goodness.