Tuesday, August 1

Cast it into the fire!

Is is hot or cold? Raining or Sunny? cloudy or clear...? make up your mind!
i've had very strange dreams last couple of nights. Despite all my best efforts, I can only remember flashes of different scenes...

flash #1: i'm in a small room with windows all around out of which i can see i'm in a beautiful backyard. In my hand i have fake flowers. they look like carnations and they are faded colors of blue and orange and purple, and there is something i'm supposed to be doing with them. i keep looking at an old, gnarled tree just outside the window. there is someone with me but i don't remember who.

flash #2: i'm climbing up a hole in the ground with someone else and we come out on top in the middle of a dirt mound. There is grass all around and lots of people walking. I think there are some buildings too. I see a guy i know and i whisper to the girl who is with me to get down and not to let him see her.

flash #3: i'm in the cracks of doom fighting desperately with Gollum who is trying to stick a needle in me and shoot me full of some sort of lethal poison...i'm not kidding. i try to grab the syringe and it scratches my arm. the needle breaks off and i throw it down into the swirling flames of Orodruin.
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it sounds funny now, but it was scary as hell! Oh go ahead and laugh.

That's all i can remember as far as dreams are concerned.

My jaw is killing me. Today i had two fillings replaced, and while the dentist was drilling an oil well in my teeth i watched the Sound of Music in my head to distract me. I must have run through 16 going on 17 about 4 times. It actually worked pretty well!
Now all the novacain has worn off and i feel like i've been suckerpunched. ooowww.

wow...i'm a geek.

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Philip Mohr said...

I know how extreme some dreams can be. I have a friend who dreams several times each night, and she describes some of the strangest things. The only thing that seems to help her sort through the madness is prayer.

And what's wrong with being a geek?