Tuesday, August 8

Lord, i need your help. My abilities are so worthless and any strength i have so meaningless without you to guide it. I don't want to live only for my own gain...selfishly pursuing everything that i think will simply make me happy. But this world, this life, is not a happy place, and i'm not here to be happy. i'm here to discover that my only joy and purpose is found in you, Lord Jesus. I sit and wonder why i can't be producive, why i can't be outgoing, why i can't make myself better, and it's because i'm not asking you to help me. God, will i ever learn?

Lord you know what my desires are. You gave them to me. Actually, You know them a lot better than me right now...more than usual...because i don't even know what i want. Much less what i need.
What am i willing to give up? i don't know that either.
My art?
My music?
My "things"?
As much as i seek your direction, i'm afraid of it, Lord. And yet i know that You have only the perfect plans laid out for me.

Jesus, may i desire you above all else.
Above my longings, my materials and my flesh...

...and please grant me the ability to discern your voice from my own.

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Philip Mohr said...

Remember forgiveness. Remember redemption. Remember the body. Remember the blood. Remember the promises.

And be blessed. Be prone. Be flexible. Be victorious. Be joyous. Be in love. Be free.

God does not communicate to His children through confusion and doubt. Never. If you have doubts about this thing or that, causing you to stumble, then let go of the doubt and experience the freedom that comes with being a blessed child of God. We were not created for the agony of trying to earn a better relationship with God. We were created for the joy of experiencing His mercy and grace, and from mercy and grace will come our subsequent works.