Tuesday, August 15

So here's the deal...

I am going to move to Ireland and live in a castle on a green hill with a beautiful garden by the water. I'll have goats and chickens...and grow my own vegetables. I'll learn how to play the violin.
There will be no cell phones internet or tv...but i'll have lots of books and things to paint with and a mailbox a half mile away where i can send and recieve letters.
I will have electricity, though, so i can listen to music and have light when it's dark. And plumbing...because i'm not that crazy.

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If anyone wants to come visit me, just let me know! i'll have plenty of extra space, and a fireplace in every room! We can go on hikes and make berry pies and practise our accents. I'll let you all know my new address soon...allow 2-3 weeks for delivery. It takes a while for mail to get to castles.

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