Monday, August 21

all done...

Well, i finished The Lord of the Rings. And after a month and a half i emerge back into the real world...and for the fifth time, the search for a suitable replacement begins. It is always so difficult for me to get through the last few chapters of that book... a parting of sweet sorrow at it's best (and worst)! I will say this once, if you go your whole life without ever reading this story, and having only seen the movies (which i will not watch much anymore...perhaps more on that later) you have cheated yourself of one of the greatest, most beautiful joys in all of literature.
With that said, i move on. (;

I have a few choices for reading that are tempting...among them are The Count of Monte Cristo, a Mozart biography, War in Heaven (by Charles Williams), How The Irish Saved Civilization by Thomas Caihill (sp?)...and a few others. None of which i have ever read.

Any ideas or suggestions are more than welcome.

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sarah said...

you should are...


Chedched said...

Colleen said, "i emerge back into the real world"

I think we all know that Middle earth really is "the real world."

Count of Monte Cristo is really good. Especially the last few paragraphs. The psychology of what Edmond does later in the novel is amazing. Try to read an only lightly abridged version. Dumas' prose is worth whatever you have to wade through.