Friday, January 21

Welcome to Donut Snail

I can't decide if i haven't posted in a week because i have nothing to say...or because i have too much to say.
Most likely the latter it the better of the two reasons.
Actually, i'm sure it is.
In fact, scratch that first line.

I haven't posted in a while because i've had way too much to say.
That happens to me; i overload my psyche with too much consideration and internal conflict...and not always negative. Sometimes whan good things happen they can get your brain fireing off in the dark reaches of the night even more that something unpleasant.
And it backs up, i get irritable, and am subject to some anguishing mental constapation.
I'm sure there's no one out there who knows what i'm talking about. (;
Well, things are okay, and some things aren't.
The best thing...the Lord has been faithful to get me through my dealings with a dear friend, and i'm praying i'll follow it through. It's been such a weight off of my heart...and i know it's because of Him. I've had some wonderful times this week of fellowship, bonding (as much as i really don't like that word...that's what it was!), enlightenment, and encouragement.
On the other hand, some of my old haunts have returned, curiously...and are stronger than what i remember. I've been worrying about things i shouldn't and at times i feel like i'm sort of "cancelling out" the joys Jesus has been so gracious to give me. And that's been hard. I hate backing myself into these takes me so long to worm my way out again.

Anyway. thar 'tis.

In other news, Shephanim recorded on Monday, as is breifly described in Pip's blog, and that was awesome.
Pip and i visited Andrew at USC yesterday, and whilst on a guided tour by Andrew, i messed up my knee trying to keep up with two long-legged able-bodied men. But it was a good time, nonetheless.
We went to a screening of a student film by a friend of Andrew's, there were about 100 very artsy chic people there. i know Andrew had a blast. I'm not the biggest mingler...but i saw two people i went to jr. high with there, and that was pretty cool. Everyone got their own little brightly-coloured plush snails. we ate donuts and red vines. Andrew sculpted a giant snail and we took pictures with it...i'll post them when i get them. I won a giant brightly-coloured plush snail in a drawing. ___________@/
The film had snails in it, by the way.

Bible study was good tonight, too. We finish 2 Samuel next week...almost exactly a year from when we started!
What next? Who knows...

sweet dreams.

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