Tuesday, January 11

Nothing can go wrong.

Holy expletive...
What a weekend. I can't remember the last time it rained this much.
Yesterday as my sister, Laurel and i were driving home from church, we were driving across an overpass that spanned Devil's Gate Dam, about mile or so from my house. It's funny, i never knew what it was called until yesterday because i never really paid attention to the fact that it was even there. It was usually dry.

As we were driving across in the pelting rain, our curiosity was aroused by a multitude of cars and people staring over the side. I ran to the railing, which reached my chin, and what i saw nearly took the breath out of me.
Devils Gate had burst!
No... it was overflowingand a waterfall the likes of which I had never seen where i live was plunging down into the green and golden gully blow. I looked around at the crowd of people pointing, taking pictures and videos. Cries of awe and fear and wonder filled the air around me, though they were nearly drowned out by the deafening beating of the water on the tender earth beneath it. The spray flying up made my eyes sting, and the force of air pushed skyward, helped by the rain and cold, chilled me to the bone.
Devil's Gate
See those hills in the upper right side, past the freeway? Just around the corner is my house.

What a glorious sight it was...it even made the front page of the California section of the LA Times i think.
Anyway, of course Sarah immediately panicked because she HAD to have this in one of her films. So we called Pip and he was over in 15 minutes ready to do her bidding. While we waited for him, Sarah sat down and quickly tried to imagine a story to surround it. I got to stand in the rain and hold an umbrella over the camera, while Pip popped vitamin C and rubbed water off of his fake glasses.

It's still raining. There are mudslides and flooding everywhere on my street, and i hope our house will be okay. It's been here for 50 years so far! I don't think there's much to worry about.

Last night was a bad night...but strangely satisfying...maybe i'll post about it later.
sigh. There's a lot of screwy stuff going on this week. I hope i can make it through without breaking something...seriously. Please pray that i'll pray more.

I hope everyone's okay out there. (:

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