Thursday, January 6

Grandma’s Prayer, December 2004

Around Christmas time, my mom gave my grandma a paper which had excerpts from a book called "Calm My Anxious Heart", about finding contentment in the Lord in the midst of struggle. The excerpts had to do with being thankful for what you have, not dwelling on things you don't have, or don't like, and worrying about things you can't change.
After a little while, my mom saw my grandma writing something on the back of the paper, and picked it up later when she wasn't at the table. The entire face of the page was covered in shaking lines, some so scrawled it was nearly impossible to read them. The Parkinsons has made it so she can hardly even hold a pen...much less write with one. I hadn't seen her write this much in years, and the fact that the writing becomes more and more illegible towards the bottom shows how difficult it was for her. If i can, i'll try and get a picture of it up here. I spent quite a time trying to get through it and type it up...but i have a knack for deciphering unreadable writing.
so here it is... capitalizations and punctuation as she did them...

This Day Lord, I am grateful for:

The Early Morning Light.
For the Day to come, and the day just passed
For THY PRESENCE, Lord, on my mind and heart.
In the Moments when I pray to You.
In your answer for small moments
Of need, and in the larger Pleas, which
Are answered in wonderful ways
The past times in my life when I had
Suffered by your loving kindness
When you have rewarded my patience
And my prayers. Abundantly! I am so
Grateful, Dear God.
May my infirmities be of a Progression
To you.
May I face all of them as a Manifestation
Of your Healing Hand.
May you keep me, guide me and guard me Lord just for
Thank you for my Family. They try so hard
To help us.
I pray to Thee, to let them know how very
Much we Love Them
In Thee and with Thee in the spirit of the
Holy Trinity we THANK Thee Lord God.
Now & Forever.

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peregrin said...

i saw that the other day lying in your guys' bathroom. it's a good sign, pretty fascinating. especially the part about how much she/they appreciate your guys' help...

salutations. :)