Saturday, January 8

Sour Punch

Tonight i cried for the first time in a while. Not for a week, anyway. i was at Pip's house and we were talking and making sweet melodies with a xylaphone and guitar. We started talking about someone i've been worried about for a long time...the one to whom the Dec. 23rd post referred. Before i knew it my face was wet and my hands were shaking. i'm not even sure what to say...except that it felt really good. To cry about it i mean. i've been wanting to for over a week, and i've been amazed at my inability to do so. I guess the time was ripe...on Monday it will be two weeks since i spoke to her. After seeing someone almost every day for the last 3 or so years, and being nearly lifelong friends...thats a long time. We prayed together before i left and it was comforting...ever feel like you've been hugged by Jesus? I prayed for her...but i still worry.
And i miss her.