Friday, January 23

i felt like writing a little

there is a stamp of abraham lincoln on my left hand.
i saw a band called Woven Hand tonight, and though it wasn't the most amazing show i've ever been to, there were a couple of songs that were some of the most fascinating music i've heard live. i'd listened to a few tracks a while back and really liked what i heard, but never followed up. yet seeing a band live always makes me appreciate them more; so needless to say i'm going to have to bite the bullet and by an album or 3. if only to find one song they played that seriously melted my face off. (why else would i be hiding it in the picture?)(which by the way is reversed. mac photo booth does that. the stamp really is on my left hand. i did not lie/am not confused)

i finally have a picture of the painting i did for Tom and Jeannie...

i'm also starting the final stage of my new project for elizabeth...a portrait of her 5 children!! i posted a preliminary drawing i did a while back...anyway here is the scary blank paper.
i've actually drawn a lot since i took this...but you don't get to see it.

mom is slowly getting's been 2 weeks since the surgery; and as usual she is working way too hard. here she is working on a drawing in bed...i took this last week.
the picture is of her being good...99% of the time she is not good...she is up far too much for someone who can't sit or stand and it's making me crazy because she is in constant pain. i can't wait for the next 2 weeks to be gone!! last night (actually, tuesday night) we watched the last episode of season 1 of the original Star Trek. looks like i need to buy season 2...

sunday afternoon i drove cam home from lunch and as i lounged in the living room with him, i sneaked a picture of him playing the guitar...his newfound object of devotion. i thought it was cute.

Monday was Jeff's 31st birthday. a gathering was had at Wren's for fajitas and family togetherness. after dinner we went next door to see his new floors, and Reid promptly made excellent use of them...

As you see, he aquired a substantial audience for his newfound breakdancing talents. their enthusiasm just oozes from the picture, does it not?

i was almost too tired to even go see everyone on monday...but i was also too tired not to, if that makes sense.

i wish i didn't get so stir-crazy!!! i live, work. eat and sleep here. it's becoming a bit tedious.
work for the past couple of weeks has been intense, as we have had a nearly impossible amount of production to do on characters and locations for the animated film we are working on...compounded with mom being so unwell. Lord, please let her sleep tonight...

i got back from the show about an hour ago and as he drove me home pip asked me what things i wanted to do, to get done, this year.
make more art
move out (SOON)
get a steady job doing something awesome
travel more...including going to more conferences
save $$$ know. the usual stuff. writing a book and learning to play the cello would be rad too.

i don't know. i feel like i'm where i'm supposed to be right now...i just wish i knew i was moving towards something. i'm trying to be better at praying that i'll make the most out of where the Lord has me...because if i can't do that i'll never be content no matter what i'm doing.

God has been telling me a lot of stuff. i wish i wasn't such a coward as to always keep it to myself.


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