Monday, January 19

inaguration tomorrow

i wish i could be excited. i really really truly do.

but i simply can't.



Ils m'appellent Brie said...

It's my HOPE that eventually the people of this country will sober up and realize that Obama can't be their savior...but until then, all we can really do is pray for our country,Obama, and the choices he's about to put into action...

I sympathize with you on this post Colleen....are we making history? yes. Absolutely. But what kind of history is still being determined.

Anonymous said...

being excited is vastly overrated

Sparks says its is natural to be happy (excited) when things are good and go our way and its natural to be sad and discouraged when things are difficult and painful.....its living in nature, God's trying to bring us out of nature into his Kingdom.