Tuesday, January 13

the great western special delivery road trip

So, i did end up going to Colorado over the weekend. on saturday morning Evan and i flew to Denver, where we were picked up by Robin's husband (my new uncle) John. He drove us to Colorado Springs, where we got to see the house, hug Robin, and were given our vehicle that was the reason we were there...(and which was to take us home).

the next couple of days were beyond awesome as we poked around a pretty amazing part of our country...seemingly abandoned towns where the only signs of life are horses walking the streets, and 2 little boys pushing a tire...dream cafes appearing in the middle of nowhere...listening to voyage of the dawn treader while driving through a glittering snowy desert...mountains and skies that make you feel like a teeny tiny hobbit.
from old steel mills that made Evan flip out, to miles and miles of sparkling white that made me sigh at its beauty....
it was pretty cool.

below are links to the facebook albums of the trip...enjoy!

link to the first album

link to the second album


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