Saturday, August 16

where'd they go...?

man, just when you think you have 4 more months until one of your dear friends moves away forever, you find out you only have 4 days.
tonight i'm going to a good-bye gathering for my friend Phill who is moving back to new jersey this week, not in december as originally planned. i found this out yesterday. at the good-bye for my friend Beau (see the 11th) Tiffany cried her eyes out after he left. (don't tell her i said that) i can't imagine what tonight will be like. it still hasn't hit me.
i baked a banana bread for the occasion.

anyway...a few things...

hanging a "wish" on a tree in Old Town, part of Yoko Ono's art installation of...well, wishing trees. you know, for world peace and crap.

alec and sarah opening wedding gifts on sunday before they left on their honeymoon

pip and i being mysterious

andrew and i being hipsters

i probably won't be posting much (if at all) for the next 5 days or so...i'll be working as a caregiver for a woman who has Parkinson's monday thru wednesday. her name is Dee and she is lovely. prayers are appreciated...for this and many other things. :)

this last week has been a daze...i can't believe how fast time is going by...!! summer will be over soon (nott he heat, but the season...)
caid said "pepper" today...!

i have a bunch of stuff in my head to write about but i'm all jumbled. :P

be a safety nut.

love, colleen


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