Saturday, April 12


i came to my studio to paint today, and after about an hour i couldn't concentrate anymore. Megan and Robin were here too, as usual, each with their complaints about the guys they are seeing.

that just started driving me crazy, and i couldn't paint, and the internet was sucking out my soul. and i wouldn't stop eating chips. :P
so i took a walk down to the beach, and ran into Tiffany on the boardwalk. she was taking pictures of textures for an illustration project she is working on, and after 10 minutes or so we walked back to school together.
some guys yelled out of their car to us "HAVE MY BABIES" and we laughed. she asked if i wanted to hang out at Red and Phill's later, which i gladly agreed to.

i really really need God's peace

i don't have much else to say...

...guess i'll go eat pizza and watch some movies...


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fireypath said...

oh my gosh i ate pizza for dinner!! woah that is too weird.
ok except my pizza was the kind that you get as dough from trader joes. we went for the garlic and herb and then got some alfredo and quatro fromagio and put it on top. oh flippin shoot- amazing. i know. anyway i love you a million times.