Sunday, September 16

yaay for drugs

Thanks to prayers and muscle relaxers and a lot of laying (lying? lieing? english is whacked) down and being terribly stir-crazy, my back is getting better. i am able to walk almost normally...still can't bend over to pick something up or sit up without using my arms or rolling over but HEY i'm just glad to be able to sit in my studio and paint today. i have a self-portrait due tomorrow, and my friend Mike and i are the only ones here in the studio on a Sunday because we both have the same assignment due in the morning. i would have done it earlier except for, you know, the whole couldn't-sit-down thing. so i'm doing a one-day self portrait. i actually like it so far...
yesterday there was a reunion of the group that went to Italy, so i got to see everyone and look at pictures and reminisce and, oh yeah, turn in our papers. i did that this wee, too. i just typed "this wee". hehe. wee...

Last night i watched two Miyazaki movies with Edan and drew a pink owl on one of his homework assignments.
i should probably get back to my painting. Mike and i were just talking about going through phases where nothing you paint seems to come out the way you want it you've forgotten how to handle the brush or something. then he told me he liked the painting i did in class this week. i told him i hated it, but i liked the painting he did in class. he told me he hated it. Then he slugged me. So i dragon kicked him. We stared at each other for about 8 seconds of intense and tactile tension. He spit out some blood. i cracked my neck. Then we laughed it off and went back to our homework.

i'm tired.



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sarah said...

i like you.

the end.