Thursday, September 13

So, ah, God recently saw fit to snap the base of spine in half with a pair of supernatural pliers.

Tuesday morning as i bent over to put on my running clothes i felt a blinding pain erupt in my lower back, and within seconds i was collapsed on the foot of my bed in such intense pain i could hardly breathe. Thank God my cell phone was within reach and i called my mom, who made ready to leave and drive all the way to my apartment to help me. For the next 2 hours i was pretty much paralyzed from the shoulders down...if i so much as moved my foot my back would spasm so horribly i once almost passed out. Finally i had to pee so bad i rolled myself slowly off my bed onto my knees and crawled on all fours toward the bathroom with all the trajectory of a tree sloth...
Needless to say i missed school. My aunties Jeannie and Alice were immense helps, the former coaching me over speakerphone with therapeutic exercises and the latter perscribing some awesome medication that eventually took the edge off, so by that afternoon i could shuffle around my apartment.
Yesterday mom and i ran a few errands, and met up with a friend from school for lunch. I walked along slowly and gingerly and went to bed early last night. i woke up this morning very very sore, barely able to walk...but here i am at school! yay...
i'm not staying long. i can hardly sit and i still can't arch my's so swollen it looks pretty freaky...and i look pretty darn hilarious going about my way like an old lady.
nothing beats being super behind in my senior year of art school in my third week and not being able to do much about it...but the Lord is good. He is so good...i read a beautiful devotional by Amy Carmichael the other day...i need to post it here because it encouraged me greatly.

The sounds of the ac, mellow conversations about painting, and the music of Nick Drake floating over into my studio area are relaxing me.
My camera is still broken...

i should go lie down. :P


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sarah said...

poor sweet foober face.