Friday, September 7

it feels like every day another amazing person leaves this life behind...

Madeleine L'Engle, one of my favorite authors, died today at 88 years old. She wrote a book called Walking on Water that has been a huge inspiration to my artistic philosophies. I have posted about her more than once...there are some people that when they die the world just feels different. She is one of them to me. i always wanted to write to her and tell her what her book and her faith meant to me, and i kept putting it off. Another lesson for Colleen...stop procrastinating!

The weather here in Laguna is pristine. i'm currently sitting in my studio at school...yes, my STUDIO! As a senior i get my own space to work in with the other fine artists. It's amazingly wonderful. it's not quite set up yet, but it's getting there. i wish my camera worked to i could put up pictures...))):
So, right now i'm , ah, "doing homework"...this next year is going to be killer. But i'm strangely looking forward to it...the school part. The other stuff...? Let's just say i'm taking it a day at a time.
At least i can look forward to meeting Madeleine L'Engle someday. I'll try to find some sweet quotes from her and type em up.


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