Tuesday, September 26


another portrait...yay



"finished" portrait.


I think in the actual painting i got her likeness better...but I wish we had one more day on some of these!
No matter. i still enjoy it.

an underpainting i did of my friend Danny...


No one can ever accuse me of not showing my work ever again. ha.

i will read The Great Divorce again, Joey. thanks (:



Mathias said...

I like the portrait of "Danny", looks really good. Reminds me of a painting I haave on my wall that is drawn by Jimmy Pulli, my good friend. http://sinijimmy.com

God bless!

colleen said...

Thanks Mathias...you friend's work and the other art on the site is beautiful. I'm taking a sculpture class as well this semester, so it was very inspiring. (: