Tuesday, September 12

The LB

Yesterday after my portrait class was over i drove into Laguna and went to my favorite spot to eat my lunch. Said spot is a bench on the top of a ridge overlooking the ocean, one of the best views in the world. Yesterday was no exception. It was around 1:30, and the sun was high and he breeze was cool...and i had never seen the water look so incredible. It was like looking down from a cliff in Cancun or Fiji...the water was so bright and clear and dyed with such brilliant shades of blue! i breathed deep and just gazed out into it with joy and wonderment. What an awesome gift...






In my portrait class we finished a head painting we started last week. I did mine of a student who sat for us. I thought i'd put it up since people always ask me to post my work...so here you are! The first is the underpainting...more of a drawing, but in paint. I did that last week.



The second, of course, is the "finished" painting (sorry it's abit blurry). It was only meant as a quick excersise, so altogether we only had about 4-5 hours. Less than 3 hours to do the actual painting. But i enjoyed it...i'm excited because we're starting another one tomorrow, and we'll be finishing it next week. I love portraiture!! i could just do that forever, if i was able to.

I had that class this morning...the lesson learned? Pretty much that Yayway (Yaweh...as my teacher spells it) is "Really mean and unfair." amazing.

At least it's another beautiful day...(deeeep sigh...)



shmarah said...

your paintings are beautiful colleen (:
for serious.

i have an idea...tell me where your teacher lives...i'll sneak into his house...and slip a very VERY angry letter under his pillow!!!!!!

He needs the Lord badly. I can't imagine going through my entire life believing that THAT is who God is. Perhaps you're in that class simply so that he has someone in his life who will pray for him.

I had a teacher-doesn't-know-what-the-crap-they-are-talking-about moment today. We could swap stories later if you want.

Hmmm...what else did I learn in school this week?
oh yeah!

most people are stupid.

Ched said...

Nice view. Nice Art. Nice Post.