Tuesday, September 5

it's getting old...

You know what...? i'm starting to get very weary of school. i've been going to school for nearly 19 straight years of my entire life. There are days when i love the idea of just being able to absorb and learn and not have to worry about working full time...but mostly i can't wait to just get my life started...whenever that may be.

Last night i was so tired driving back to my apartment from Pasadena that once i was in Orange County around 0023 i came to a nice slow stop at a green light, waited for it to turn yellow, and drove on through when it changed to red.
no, i'm serious. Praise Jesus no one was coming the other way...i didn't even realize what i had done until i was through the intersection.

I'm sitting outside at school on some steps on the hillside where i can still get wireless. I just finished classes for the day...my hands are nice and raw and sticky and blackened from making a wire sculpture of my head. Actually, it was fun. Hot, difficult and frustrating, but fun. I'll take a picture of it at some point and post it.

I was kind of dead all day today...especially this morning in my history class where i got to learn all about how Moses got the Ten Commandmants from a burning bush and why the four gospels were actually NOT written by Matthew Mark Luke and John, that God is a big old spoilsport because He wouldn't let Adam and Eve have sex and that their noble rebellion from his rigid rules was what caused the fall (which was ALL Eve's fault, of course, further proving what a Patriarchal, tyrranic religion Christianity is), and about how we can't really trust anything written in the Bible because its history and origins are so unreliable, but why we can trust the authenticity of the Qur'an. I wanted to throw up.
I kept my eyes on the table when i could, so my teacher wouldn't see the horrified look on my face.
There were times, however, where i was looking around the classroom to see if anyone else was as appalled, or amused, as i was. Quickly realizing that i was more likely to be surrounded by Atheists and Buddhists rather than fellow believers, i gave up. The only other Christian i knew of in the class was dozing the whole time.

uhuhuuhgggggg. i'm sleepy and dirty and gross. Time to drive back to the apt...get a workout...make dinner...do homework...wash my hair...and then, MAYBE then...i can go to bed.

2 more years...just 2 more years...


Ched said...

Hang in there. Truth still triumphs over falsehood, and caffine still produces lucidity!

Betty-T said...

Daryl's taking a history class whose text book is entitled "Lies My Teachers Told Me: Everything your American History textbook got wrong" by the worlds biggest feminist. And "she's not afraid to call religion on what a joke it really is.." Hang in there! Shoot rubberbands at the back of their head when they aren't looking.

Andrew said...

Seriously Colleen,

When you are fed up with drawing and painting and sculpting and just want to go nuts because you're forced to sit in classes that challenge your beliefs- enjoy it baby. It'll all be gone soon. Before long you may be stuck behind a drawing desk with no overtime, and no one will give a hoot about your beliefs, much less challenge you or engage you in a rousing conversation that gets your blood flowing.

That being said, remember James- Even when life seems to suck most God is making you stronger.

Hang in there.

I went to the Saw Dust Festival and have decided I need to supplement my income with selling art, and one day move to Laguna beach, wear birkenstocks, spread love and make art. Seriously.

No matter how lack-luster or amazing the art there was, I have to hand it to those poeple for doing what they want and love to do, and doing their darndest to make it work.