Monday, July 13

right quick

biola was an overwhelmingly deep pool of God's love, glory, and exhortation...a fact that has become more and more apparent, almost hour by hour since i came back home.

going online for the first time since returning from the retreat yesterday hit me with an immediate and surprisingly strong shock in that i realized how nauseated by this world i have become. the degradation of government, frivolity of hollywood, the idolatry of corruption, the blatant self-centered nastiness and worthlessness rampant on the time-waster that is facebook...

i find myself to be, at times, very impulsive. it is how i will write posts that a few hours later i delete. it is how i sometimes say things i immediately regret--and therefore often don't say much at all. it is how i wind up with shoes i don't like and shirts i don't wear.

yesterday i almost deleted my facebook account after being on it for all of 12 seconds.

then my brain (as it is finally beginning to do) kicked in before i acted on impulse and reminded me that facebook has provided me with vital networking, the ability to communicate with certain people, and also i am able to keep tabs on younger people i care about.

so i didn't. but i think i have a permanent averse-ness to it now, which is probably a good thing.

time to get going.