Friday, July 17

why i have disappeard...

~well, of course, there's the fact that i've been out of town a lot...retreats and stuff...
~people visiting (memphis, san diego, richmond)
~healing from surgery (not moving around a lot for a while)
~looking for work (boooo)
~doing commissions (no spare time whatsoever)
~finding work (yaaaay)
~doctor's appointments (far, far away)
~preparing to move in the near future
~lots of praying (my strength)
~lots of writing (my stability)
~lots of reading (my sanity)
~trying to be with my family (we all need mutual support)
~sleeping (not staying up too late)
~driving (everywhere. constantly.)
~planning trips for the fall
~SAVING $MONEY$ (very bad for social life)
~student loans and medical bills (very bad for saving money)
~getting ready for Laura's wedding
-practicing song
-chauffering bridesmaids
-drinking coffee
~TOMORROW is Laura and Thad's WEDDING
~dealing with my mentalness
~dealing with uncertainties
~next week...dealing with everything resulting from this stuff! :D

but it's been good to be busy.

maybe soon i'll see my friends again. super! call me.


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