Thursday, June 18


These are the 8th graders i helped my aunt Wren teach art to over the course of the last school year.
before they graduated, i had them sit for me one by one, drew their profiles, and made black cutouts of them. i also took a picture of each of them...but to their consternation :)
i'm putting up 12 of the pictures because they just make me really happy. all their different faces and spirits. how corny am i?? jeesh
there is cam in the first one, of course...

dang it, i'm going to miss the kids so much.

Here is a picture of the majority of the profiles...
i'm really glad a lot of them will be going to Maranatha in the fall, because then i'll get to see them.


christian said...

oh i remember doing that in grade school!

Nicole said...

those turned out SO GOOD! I'm sure they will be treasured by the parents for years! I've really enjoyed looking at your art blog too. You are SO GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!