Wednesday, June 24

any movie entirely starring puppets that are not muppets is always doomed to be, on some level, unintentionally disconcerting.

sarah, laura, mom and i at laura's wedding shower...

i went over to pip's one evening to hang he is trying to get his dvd player to work so we can watch Thunderbird 6
here is a trailer for it:

AND HERE is one of the scenes in the movie...and also one of the creepiest things i have ever seen. no joke...this is exactly as it plays out in the film...


and of course,

caid assists his little sister...

joey cajoles caid to eat a bite of asparagus saying: "well, it looks like we don't have to worry about crows wanting this asparagus. i don't see any crows around. it's just sittin here. crows don't want asparagus. nope, it's totally safe."

but then the crows ATTACK!

this is awesome:
i took this video right after i took the pictures of caid eating the asparagus off the fork joey is holding out.
the beginning is my favorite part, purely for caid's amazing facial expressions...but the whole thing is great.


"2 snails and a squid" by caid
gwen munches on peach slices

and a letter to greenpeace.

that's all for the present!


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Laurel said...

You guys look GREAT!