Saturday, March 7

stupid stupid knee

i stopped running a year ago because i messed up my knee. on & off over  the last few months i've gone out for a light run and come back disappointed. recently, feeling like trying again i went out and bought new running shoes. they're super awesome. so today, feeling restless, and needing some alone time, not to mention it was a gorgeous day, i decided i would take the first run i've had in a long while. so i put on my new shoes (which are black, and light as a feather) secured my knee brace, and went out the door.

a few minutes into it, i thought to myself "oh man, this isn't bad at all, i may have to take a couple of walk breaks, but this is great! i'm gonna be fine!"
i was in store for a very humbling experience.

after about 15 minutes my knee was hurting so badly i had to walk the rest of the 3 miles. i got angry every time i tried to quicken my steps and my whole leg protested. my pride bubbled as people jogged past me. and despite my fast walking pace, i began to get cold as evening fell around me.
all in all...i was a very discontent figure making my way around the rose bowl.

i got home and put ice on my knee, and it's still there as i type this.
i'm very sincerely praying that this isn't going to be something that will always keep me from running...because i think i would be kind of heartbroken. i miss it so.
oh sigh.

but WOW it was a beautiful afternoon.


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PHTH said...

colleen once im graduated i can fix you.