Tuesday, November 11


As many of you know, i went to las vegas on sunday. i just got back today. here are some pictures...

anyway, because of forces beyond my control, it was kind of a not-so-great time. BUT i got to go, and see the lights and the craziness, and wear my cute H&M skirt and pink shoes out in the evening. and i got to see MYSTERE...which i've been wanting to do for about 10 years. no really.

i recommend going to vegas just to see it, if for nothing else. it was one of the most beautiful things i've even beheld...the human body is exquisite. there were instances where all i could do was worship God as i watched. i will never get over the sublime and impossible grace of the forms in which we are created.

but dang it, all i wanted to do was get home and watch Star Trek.
which is what i will do right now.


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