Sunday, November 16

and the seasons, they go round and round

i think it's safe to say that things are overwhelming right now. just not enough hours in the day...but things keep right on going.

Thursday night was the opening of the Fairhaven Show that i am in. it is the most beautiful collection i have ever been honored to be a part of...

there's my painting, down at the end...

gwen. she's pretty great.

here's a video of Wren and Anna singing to her...

oh yeah, and California is on fire again. i have a sore throat and headache from the smoke and ash clogging the air. fun!

i drove to Santa Ana this evening to pick up my painting from the show, and while passing through the area of Yorba Linda, even with the inside air on, i had to cover my face with a sweatshirt. The smoke was so thick.
aaand it's 90 degrees. in november. sigh. oh what i wouldn't give for some real fall...! a mere few days in a row is all i ask!

oh, and i've been painting, too. which is just smashing.


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