Friday, July 4

just some things that have been going on lately...

So, back on June 20th Laurel made Sarah and i go shopping with her at Bebe. She also made me take pictures of her trying on ridiculous outfits that she thought were sooooo cute. i was like "whatever Laurel, i love you so i'm going to humor you". and THEN she was like "colleen! put the pictures on your blog so everyone can see all the great clothes i bought!" a few days ago she came up to me and said "Dude, colleen, why aren't the pictures up yet??" and i was like "wow, Laurel, chill. i'll get to it." so here they are. sheesh.

i had to pay her $5 to not buy this shirt

these i took a couple of days later, after church at Sharkey's.

party at a friend's last weekend...
Elektra and me...Megan, Edan, Elizabeth, Elektra, Jen, Matt, Mallory, Nick, me, Myles (that's so i don't forget who they are when i look at this someday)
for anyone wondering, no i am not inebriated.
Laurel, Chad, Bobby, Brittany, Laura (i accidentally typed 'Laurel' at first) and Thad all swimming...

after Chad's near-tragic accident this week, dad drew this:

admiring the handiwork...
As of last night at 11:30 i have a new baby cousin, Gwenyth June, 4 lbs 11oz. She is tiny, but healthy...i can't wait to see her!!! Congratulations to Ginger and Joey!

happy 4th


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Kallista thought i really
DO like those clothes. thanks a lot.