Monday, June 23

sometimes i amaze even myself

this afternoon i was working outside hammering and drilling a big ol planter together. i was feeling particularly pleased with my macho-ness, especially when sarah said i looked "tough".
as you know, it has been obscenely hot. so at one point, (as i am wont to do) i got so sweaty i could hardly see what i was doing. so i ran to the pool, kicked off my rainbows and dove fully clothed into the water. it was heavenly. amazing. divine.
i swam a few laps and began thinking "hm. it's a good thing i don't have anything important in my shorts."
it was then, in the middle of the deep-end, that i realized my cell phone was still in my back pocket.
i plunged my hand down into the water, snatched it out and yelled "CRAP!!" and swam back to the shallow end holding it pathetically over my head.

i disassembled it and laid it in the sun, as they tell you to do when you "get your phone wet"...
now when i put it together it makes little crackly noises...and that's about it. :(

so if you try and call me i probably won't answer for a while.

yep. hello, colleen.



joyful said...

i think you're great

Elizabeth said...

colleen--thank you for the sweet encouragement last week. it truly was meaningful to me.

sorry about the cell phone. that sounds precisely like something i would do. :-)