Tuesday, June 17

i can't sleep. i'm so tired, but my head is reeling...i'm anxious for so so much. scared, worried, without comfort despite God's promises.
"stubbornly fearful", as i wrote earlier.

my spirit is so burdened...

sometimes it just feels unbearable. because all i can do is lie there. i would write, but it would just be redundant and frustrating. i would run, but it's dark. i would read, but i can't focus. so i pray. which helps more than anything.

oh sigh.

saw iron man tonight (technically last night). it was excellent. gp floyd came with us...he really liked it.

i hope everyone is hanging in there alright.
drop me a line sometime.

love, me.


1 comment:

Mr. Bear said...

Don't you mean gf floyd...? (god father floyd).