Tuesday, October 23


Thanks everyone for the lovely birthday i had. (: For all of you who called me and messaged me...Katie even called me from Italy this morning! Thank you to my amazing family et al for being here tonight (well...technically last night.) i would put up pictures...but, of course, since i wasn't the photographer, very few were taken. My mom and Anna and Wren made pies and Alec, Sarah, Pip, Jeff, Anna and Amaris made the most amazing song i have ever heard. it was too much...i don't deserve such love. Then Jeff and Andrew (who stopped by later in the evening) and i went to karaoke...which was awesome. i haven't sung like that since i took opera lessons. i really miss it.

And today ...after i sleep for a bit :P my family is going to Disneyland!! i'm extremely excited. It's gonna be all Halloweeny.

I'm sorry for the lack of updates...the last week has been terribly busy and strange and i had a couple of pretty low days...but God is good and i'm doing a lot better...just...very very behind in school. HE has placed the most amazing people around me...my family (my friends here count as my family...Pip, Katie, &c...), the people at my school...i am so blessed i feel guilty 99% of the time. The other 1% is only because every once in a blue moon i'll forget to think about it.

Among other things this last week or so, i finished a painting, attended a cocktail/dance party, and rode a motorcycle. So it wasn't all bad. Except when i knocked a camera out of a guy's hand whilst dance-fighting. Almost missing my mid-term wasn't great either...but it all worked out.
Please don't tell my dad about the motorcycle thing.

i'm going to try and sleep now...thanks to everyone again! i love you.

ps...Happy Birthday to cousin Rachel and good-as-cousin Aimee!


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Happy Birthday!