Wednesday, August 22

"Hey, I know it's 95 degrees out and everything, but lets put on leather jackets, black vinyl platform boots, tights, lace, gloves, chains, make up...

...and walk around in the sun all day and scare families with small children!!"

On Sunday i went to Disneyland for the first time in a couple of years...with some very lovely people from LCAD...

there was a Hobbit-child on the tram

apparently, it was "Bat Day" the park was teaming with punk/goth/confused people of all shapes sizes and shades of black. It definetely made the day a bit more interesting.
of course i, with my obsession with taking pictures, was having a field day...

"she was totally looking right at you", said liz
"that's okay," i shrugged, "i'm never going to see her again."

Elizabeth, Tiffany, Beau, man on cell phone who hung out with us

Splash Mountain

(You May Get Wet)

Tiffany, Beau, Elizabeth, Liz, Edan in "the band shot"

cotton candy

pretty flower

Tower of Terror (new favorite ride ever)

Haunted Mansion with all those people was an experience i will never forget.


1 comment:

phantom negipua said...

"bat day"???
more like...your face and BUTT face day!!!

caw caw caw!