Saturday, July 21

Italy...part 1!

Okay okay. So it's taken a while. But trying to organize over 1,000 pictures is a daunting task...and there are still some from other people i heven't gotten yet. So what you will see are just a few of my favorites...enjoy!

Of course, there will be cloud pictures. These i took on the bus ride from Rome to Florence...

And this...was the most wonderful apartment in the world...and it was all ours. Seriously, every day we would wake up and marvel at how blessed we were.

Michelle and i slept in the downstairs bed, Katy slept upstairs.

View from the loft...

We had a backyard and a patio...

On the Ponte Vecchio

This means we're coming back!

The Duomo

Off to dinner!

We ate so much gelato. But you don't get sick of it. Especially when it's really hot and you're walking 6-10 miles a day!

Our first dinner that we cooked in our place.


To Be Continued... to Orange where i will read the new Harry Potter! I got it in the mail i'm very excited. All you people out there who think you're just too cool for school can go read the dictionary.


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Italy. Nice.