Thursday, July 12

An exhortation...

An exhortation is an encouragement and a warning...and God sends one before He allows a shaking.

Why is it so difficult for me to remember how good the Lord is? I have such a hard time being peaceful...afraid of when i'll be snapped out of it again...but is it really worth perpetual discontent and bitterness just to avoid being shaken (as Dana Congdon put it last night) and thus built up in Christ? i can't hide from Jesus. He has hit me with so much blessing and grace in the last few days, despite how difficult they have been, and i am waiting to see what He still has for me...
i still harbor that cursed fear...and yet i sense a small flame of hope i haven't felt in what seems like a lifetime...dare i be anticipating the days ahead...?
I think i actually least for now...and it feels better than anything i could have ever hoped for.

ps...Italy pictures are coming soon. i've been busy. (:


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