Thursday, May 10

Only in Laguna...

Yes. Finals are over. (:
Wednesday afternoon Sarah and Alec came to see me and we hung out in Laguna Beach. Of course, it was a splendid evening out, so we parked up in the neighborhood and walked into town (the only way to go). We went to BJ's for dinner and got a vegetarian cheeseless pizza (that's what you get for eating out with vegans...LOVELY VEGANS!)
At one point Alec went to the restroom and upon returning, informed Sarah and i that there were pictures of Marilyn Monroe in the men's bathroom. This sparked a brief, yet enlightening conversation on modern day society's standards of beauty. We ate our pizza, observed some of the other patrons dining with us, and i got a couple more quotes for my quote book. After we ate i went to the women's room...and found these...

Oh, yea.

I was laughing as i went back into the dining room to grab my camera to document them. They, too sparked a conversation in a similar vein as the one we had earlier...only significantly shorter and with a lot more giggling.

On the way back to the car Alec got cold and didn't have a jacket. Good thing he had his hat.

After dinner we went to Wild Oats and bought some cereal and soymilk (*cough*vegans*cough*) for breakfast the next morning...which we were going to pack as a picnic and eat on the beach!
Back at my apartment in the evening i showed Alec my drawing starring him, we watched a Bjork dvd thing, Sarah and i pretended to beat each other up, and we went to bed.

In the morning (THIS morning, actually) i packed a small cooler with the soymilk, raspberries, a couple of PB&J sandwiches and orange juice. In a separate bag there was water, shredded spoonfuls (sooo good), eating utensils, &c...We left my place around 8:45 the next morning, drove into Laguna and walked down to the shore.
We sat right on the edge of the fog...

it was just dandy.

i've decided that morning fogginess on the beach is one of my favorite kinds of light...look at how pretty and soft it just makes her glow...

Laguna Beach is refreshingly scarce of people in the morning, and it was fun watching those who were there...the beachcomber with all his electronic equipment...a jogger or two...the guy and his dog...a group of people taking wedding photos or something...the mid-60'd age couple out for an early stroll... It was very beautiful and peaceful. With the occassional silliness.

Three words...

Sarah got cold. Good thing she's so cute.

The End


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