Thursday, March 15


i mean anenomes...

Yesterday Bettina and i had a long-awaited badly needed hang out day. She drove down the night before, spent the night, and in the morning we got up and drove into Laguna. We stopped by school first, because i had to pick up a painting from being judged for a student show next month (my painting got in...yay!). We strolled over the campus for a little while, then drove to Zinc's cafe for lunch. It was such an amazingly beautiful glorious day, so we knew we just had to go to the beach.

I found a spot over the cliffs and we walked down some sea-worn stairs to the vast expanse of tidepools.
Bettina was really excited to be there.
The world's most awesome sea slug...

correction...THIS is the world's most awesome sea slug. i rescued him. Along with his big brother and a sea cucumber. i don't think i had ever seen so many sea slugs...we had to have come across at least 10. The sea cucumber was pretty was all red and lumpy.

He may look a bit deflated...but don't worry. he's smiling.

Behold...the sea urchin shell.

Down around the tidepools there are some caves that go fairly far back into the cliffs. I always like to see them when i go down to that part of the beach.

After more little creatures, getting splashed, and taking a long walk down the shoreline we wandered back through the town and decided we would get wine and cheese. So we stopped by the Laguna Culinary Arts center where there is a lovely little wine and cheese shop. We chose 3 cheeses that sounded good, and they packed them up with a sliced baguette and some olives and we drove to Trader Joes where we bought some wine and a big block of dark chocolate...holy moly.

Back at my place We put everything in the fridge and i dressed Bettina up and took a bunch of pictures for a painting i will hopefully start soon of her. Then we sat and watched a movie and enjoyed our treats. Needless to say, i didn't need dinner that night.

Well, i just finished class and now i'm going home. Make myself something healthy. Maybe i'll paint. that sounds good.


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