Saturday, March 25

Les Visages

So i have this's unlike other weaknesses in that it's something i can fall prey to in almost any place or time or situation...

i love love looking at peoples faces...the turn of a cheekbone, the wrinkles around the eyes, the curve of the nose in a profile, the way lips make little dimples in the corners of the mouth...
it usually isn't too awkward...until i find myself staring at an individual so intently i don't realize they are looking back at me...often looking a bit uncomfortable...he he...
This fascination with studying faces is ony surpassed by my utter delight in drawing them. There is something about the challenge of capturing the spark that makes a person not only physically unique and believable, but alive, like you can tell what kind of a personality they'd have or what they would sound like if they spoke to you.

I know i haven't posted much of my artwork here but i hope to remedy that. i have this weird thing about not liking to show people my stuff...but then i have to ask myself why i do it if no one ever sees it.
i don't know. it drives my friends at school crazy. :P

Plus, drawing (and painting) plays such a huge part in what i think and love to's just kind of natural i'd put some of it on my blog. so voila. These are just some of my figure studies...i'll put up more things later. This one is a wee bit crooked...oh well.
sitting girl

So, i like drawing the figure. It's one of the most beautiful expressions of God's handiwork i have ever come almost makes one afraid to attempt to interpret it into a few smears of graphite on paper! But i treat my drawings as almost an act of worship...that searching for beauty and care in even the old and unattractive (which i actually prefer sometimes to just a pretty girl) never ceases to ignite a fire within me.

And i always start with the face...i must get the face right or the entire drawing will bother matter how nice he hands look or how well-rendered the knees are. Sometimes that drives my teachers crazy ;)

Anyway, that's my little rant for today. My spring break is over as of tomorrow and i'm driving back this evening. Homework all day tomorrow! hooray!

Oh, and congrats to Ariel over at
  • BitterSweetLife
  • on the birth of his new son! Everyone go see!



    JohnH985 said...

    Wow! All I can say is...Wow! Your artwork is amazing.

    acacia said...

    i second that, these are amazing. i like the middle one best.