Tuesday, January 10

50 degrees? Biting Wind??! Pouring Rain??!!!!??? Let's go SWIMMING!!!

Laurel and Acacia were back in town over the new year (happy new year, by the by), and brought with them the joy and spontanaiety that seems to follow them wherever they go. Last week in a fit of freezing stormy weather, the girls decided it was prime time for a winter dip in our VERY unheated pool!

Running behind them in 3 layers, scarf, gloves and an umbrella, i shot a video of the whole thing...from which i got these pictures.

A Winter's Swim

Amid of screams and shreiks of shock from the water, my mother's laugh (as well as mine) rang out from the house. Acacia was the first to scramble out of the pool...


...followed by Laurel. And the dogs.


It's too bad you can't really see how hard it's raining from these pictures! Not content with just one plunge into the icy water, Acacia went for it again...

One more time...

followed by a nice warm sisterly hug.


It was a good day. Buuut now they're back in their prospective corners of the world. And i miss them already...just having them around for a couple of days made it feel, well, like summer again! Despite the dismal skies. They won't be around for another while yet...probably until summer. Ahh, warm, colorful summer...bringing friends, fellowship and long eventful days...!

But of course, it will come fast as it ever does...and i, as usual, will be wishing it was cold again.



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