Wednesday, June 8

"Cute shorts."

This morning, as i celebrated my first day of summer by doing laundry, my grandma, for, i think the fourth time now, told me how much she liked my pajama shorts. She complements me on them more than anything else i own.

Would you believe i just typed out nearly an entire post...and lost it? I hate that. auuugggggggghhhhhhh. sigh.'s been a while. Lots happening. I'm finished with school, people are graduating, my friends are all shipping off to exotic locales, i got a lovely new vehicle, i spent the weekend down in Orange County where i'll be living in the fall...
There's been some tough inner growth, too. I guess it's always tough.

That picture is cracking me up.

This personal realization has come about as the result of primarily two things. The first, being a heart to head talk with my mom over tamales, the second a particularly convicting and wonderful message on Sunday. As a result, i'm feeling just a little more hopeful about someday becoming the woman i'm meant to be in the Lord's eyes...that it's actually possible, and having to realize that change is a part of that. It's so funny how any change can be so frightening, even if it's for the better, even if the situation you're in right now is uncomfortable.
Yet strangely enough, at the moment, i'm feeling more excited than anxious about moving and going to art school. Just for the record...! as it is a rarity.

Visiting my mom's dear friend Cindy over the weekend was lovely indeed. She has a husband and a 13-year old daughter, and they have a beautiful home; complete with an orange grove, cherry, plum, apple, persimmon and peach trees, 3 horses, 2 goats, 3 dogs (soon to be four), swimming pool, and personal gym. I'll be staying in a spacious apartment over the garage in their "barn". stairs
There's my mom going up the steps.
I'm very fortunate to have such an awesome living situation; there's even room in the apartment for an ample studio space! yay! I'll probably start moving stuff down in August.

Well, that's enough for now. Hope everyone's well...


JohnH985 said...

I've been gone for the past week, somewhere there was no computer, in the wilds of Tennessee for Bonnaroo, so I'm trying to catch up on my reading of everyone's posts. Glad to hear that everything is going better. Chance can be scary, but it can also be great. (I know that sounded like a million cliches you've heard, but it's true.) What type of art are you going to school for? Do you plan to get in advertising? fine art? Just asking cause I write (or at least used to) comic books and whenever someone mentions art my ears perk up. Hope I'm not being too nosey here.

colleen said...

Good question. I actually plan to go into fine art; painting , drawing, the like. But i'm also very interested in animation and i've been drawing my own comics for years. So we'll see what happens!
Maybe i can post one of my drawings at some point...