Friday, June 17

flowery treeeee

Wow...i've really been negligent, haven't i? It's not that i've been particularly busy, i just have had other things i've applied myself to. Mainly, i've discovered how to use Garage Band...and i've been a wee bit obsessed with it. It's really fun. he he...

Kristina left for China today...she'll be gone for 3 weeks. last night i went to her house along with Sarah, Pip, Bettina and her fiance Darrel, and we had a little good-bye thingie for her. I made about 35 cupcakes and we goofed around and played telepictionary. It was very enjoyable. Before we left we all sat and prayed for her; for safety, guidance, wisdom and growth. All good things.
I hope she has the time of her life, and that the Lord reveeals Himself to her in a real way. That would be awesome.

Katie leaves for France and Germany next week.
I'm so jealous.

Lovely Laurel also ships off to Oregon to work for the summer on Sunday, and from there, straight to the East Coast for school...and i won't see her until Christmas! ))):
Not to mention Sarah going to Russia in July for ministry. I'm so excited for her. And worried. But that's part of my job as a big sister, i guess.

It's been a strange summer so far. I had a bad night last week, and it just reminded me that God is doing something with everyone's lives right now. I don't know what i'm being prepared for...or Sarah or Kristna, Katie, Bettina, Pip, Andrew etc...even you reading this.
but i can't wait to find out.
It's going to be good. It is.

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JohnH985 said...

Hey, what type of comics do you make for yourself? Do you read any? Which ones? Am I asking too many questions, sorry. I haven't done any writing for comics in soooo long, but I used to like it and once I can get myself back in gear I plan to try some more.

colleen said...

hehehe. I've been drawing comics since i could hold a pencil. My friends and i have always drawn them together, but i have yet to seriously draw one myself. I have ideas, though...

I haven't been into reading them for a while...but there was a whole period in High school where i was into Manga.
Recently i don't read them much, as most graphic novels and comics are simply too lame (story-wise), poorly drawn, too violent, laughably risqe, or just downright bad all around.
I do, however, enjoy Miyazaki's Nausicaa, as i have a special place in my heart for Bone. Artistically, i love Hellboy and Frank Miller. Before i knew of the films. I actually haven't even seen either of them...

ANYWAY! There you are. Again, I'll try to post some artwork here at some point.