Friday, May 27


Well, our show went pretty well tonight. I got to mess with the korg a that was cool.
Every show has a weird little problem...once Pip forgot his laptop...once there was an ominous buzzing noise that wouldn't go away for he whole show...tonight we showed up and there weren't any mikes, cords or stands...and we were told to "keep it down". :P
pip and i singing.
Needless to say, it still went well, we made do, and we had fun. Plus, we sold 5 ep's! And it's always encouraging how many people seem to enjoy it. That's the point, of course; but the feedback we always recieve is just lovely.



JohnH985 said...

Wow, you play music. That is so cool. What do you play? What type of music do you do? I can't carry a tune in a paper sack. I love music so much, but am the most worthless case when it comes to trying to make it. But at least I get to listen to it.

colleen said...


well, i don't really play anything very well...i can play simple tunes and stuff on the keyboard or the guitar...but i do a lot of singing. So most of what i contrubute is little tunes in the casio, and my voice.

We kind of play a mixture of electronic, rock and sometimes we use the acoustic guitar. It's mostly very upbeat. Pip writes the doesn't really have a category to me. But there you are. I enjoy it.

Yea, i love music. music is awesome. (:

Dave said...

Any chance of a wee link to a sample of your music making? I promise I won't say anything nasty!

colleen said...

Dave...i don't think we have links to samples...but i'll ask Pip about it. I'd love it if you could hear some of it!