Thursday, May 5


So most people know i'm an admirer of Tolkien's mythology. That's no secret. I think the Lord of the Rings will always be my favorite book, and I'm eternally grateful for the fact that my love for it wasn't a mere by-product of the recent films. He has sparked my interest and thought in so many ways that i know i would be a different person if i hadn't read it. You don't have to make fun of me...i've got my sister to do that. (:
I've been reading books by C.S. Lewis since i was but a wee lass, the Narnia Chronicles, naturally, and lately more of his works for adults. But his children's books and essays on writing still remain my favorites. In addition, I do enjoy a good MacDonald tale now and then (a personal favorite of Tolkein's as a child). These two men, of course, knew each other and often enjoyed each other's company and encouragement, both in their worldly and literary endeavors, as members of a group called "the Inklings". In my quest to dip into the pool of works by these illustrious and brilliant writers and their colleagues and friends, i've started reading Charles Williams, recommended to me last year by Tim.
Having just begun Descent into Hell, i'm finding it very intriguing even at the start. Which is good. Not that i don't like books that take their time (obviously; my favorite book being over 1000 pages long), but it's nice to find a story that so successfully pulls you in quickly, without it seeming cheap or undermining...if that's the right word. hmmm.
I'm excited to continue on to the others...which is good too.

Sorry if this sounded self-appreciating...i mostly wrote it for me to look back on.
I hate disclaimers. But i can't go without them sometimes.

Das ist alle.


tim said...

you're fast on your way to joy, and enlightenment... :) Glad you've picked Mr. Williams up!

Ariel said...

Sweet, you admire some great authors. Tolkien, Lewis and McDonald are among my favorites as well; Williams is an old friend with whom I need to get reacquainted.

Have you read anything by Colin Duriez? His book, The Gift of Friendship, is a fascinating look at Tolkien and Lewis' intersecting lives. He also has a book out on the Inklings.

colleen said...

I've never read Colin Duriez...i'll have to check that out. I liked you book blog, by the way, Ariel. I'd love to see more!

JohnH985 said...

Thanks for the well wishes on my page. We'll know more this week I hope.