Monday, August 3

well, here's what's been going on.

Two weekends ago, Amaris and i had, what we call, a "creative isolation" weekend, where we stake out a spot, and don't really leave it for two days...and we just work. Her, on her novel, and me on whatever drawing project i have going at the time.

cats--not so much
At one point Amaris made herself a sandwich using some packaged deli meat and cheese...only to figure out about 1/3 of the way through eating it that she had forgotten to remove the paper from the cheese.
yep, she ate it.
Amaris working
me working
The sad part to this story is that i ended up having to start my drawing over a few days later, because i went and made the heads bigger than i had measured out. I NEED TO NOT DO THAT.
Well, that's how we learn... :P

Caid expounding on the health-improving qualities of a good cobbler and ice cream.
...not really. i just like the way he's holding the spoon...

reid and cam playing croquet...

Oops, ice cream on the shoulder.

Water play at grammies! This was last week.

We had just watched the old Disney Swiss Family Robinson, and Caid was inspired by the scene where the older boy (Fritz?) wrestles a water snake.
So Caid wrapped himself in the hose and began squirming around in it yelling "help! hellllp! it's a water snake!!"
And grammie came to the rescue...beating the snake away!!

Caid also had to examine a brown furry beetle that was making weird hissing noises


A few videos that actually accompany the post below...



Maddie said...

How is it that little kids can be sooooo adorable!?

Laurel said...

I like the beetle.