Tuesday, August 4


Wren and Cam have been gone since Friday and i've been house sitting for them...which means that i've gotten to watch Caid and Gwen in the mornings!

Yesterday Caid was sitting on the couch looking
at an old Richard Scarry book (it even has Jeff's name in it from when he was little) as i was feeding Gwen. All of a sudden i heard him exclaim: "TRADER JOE'S!"
I walked over to him to see that he was looking at the page with all the things you find in a supermarket...displays of vegetables, scales, check-out aisles, racoons butchering steaks...
and i said, "Oh wow, it does look like Trader Joe's!"
Without removing his eyes from the page he replied insistently: "No, it is Trader Joe's!"
silly me.

Later, once Ginger had arrived to have lunch with them and take them home, i related the above anecdote. She laughed and said to Caid,
"Yeah, you like Trader Joe's, don't you?"
"Mm-hm," Caid replied with a mouthful of pb&j sandwich.
"What other places do you like to go?" Ginger then asked him.
Caid thought very seriously for a moment.
"Mmm," he pondered, "North America."
"North America??"
"Yeah!" he said. "With all the animals."

silly her.

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Laurel said...

I want to say something clever. Oh well. Caid is super incredibly funny.