Monday, December 8

one of the reasons artists are awesome...

...because they throw parties like this.

My friend Todd (on the left)'s birthday was last week, and my we had a party for him in Laguna on Saturday...the theme was Peter Pan. the best part? out of 25-odd people, i was asked to come as Peter! wahoo!

when i walked into The apartment that evening, speakers playing the Peter Pan soundtrack greeted me with "You Can Fly". a tiny city built from cardboard covered the floor of the entryway, and the stairs up into the apartment were draped with blankets and clouds made of tissue paper, glowing stars scattered everywhere.
when i got to the first floor, Todd himself greeted me as Captain Hook, and my friend Karina--or in this case, Tinker Bell--ran down from the second floor, exclaiming (in her russian accent) "you can't fly without me!!" and promptly threw glitter all over my head. Tiffany came after her in pirate garb and i was shown the rest of what they had been working on all week...

The largest room was split in half by hanging sheets. one half consisted of a makeshift stern of a pirate ship, made from tables, cardboard and an armchair, and was complete with a ship's wheel and jolly roger. there was also an area with various costume items--wigs, cardboard swords, and eye patches--for those who came, well, without character.

opening the sheets to the other part of the room revealed an elaborate "captain's quarters"...curtains draping the walls, and desks strewn with old books, statues, gold, maps and candles.

on the second floor was a whole room dedicated to the mermaid lagoon. all the furniture had been moved out, and the floor was a mound of pillows and blankets. the wall was wrapped in butcher paper painted with underwater scenes, and 3 dim lamps leaned against the walls giving the room and eerie glow.
in this room was also a tv that had PPan playing on loop throughout the night.

to put it was awesome. i am in constant amazement at how fantastic my friends are!! and now, for some more pictures...

my lost boys :)


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